The 2020 Holiday CD

We have decided to produce a Holiday album/CD.  Submissions are welcome from all SVSA members.


  • To encourage songwriting!
  • To encourage collaboration.
  • To encourage people to get in the studio that wouldn’t otherwise be likely to do so.
  • Produce something that could be given away or sold for years to come, generating income for the club.


  • Submissions will begin being accepted on Sept 1, 2019. Deadline for submissions will be November 1, 2019.
  • Goal is to release by Thanksgiving 2020.
  • We intend to have 10-12 songs included.
  • We intend to produce a physical CD, but we will consider whatever other distribution media is appropriate.
  • Songs should have a holiday theme (Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, Festivus…).
  • Songs can be a wide variety of genres and styles.
  • You may submit up to three songs at a time: $20 for one, $30 for two, $40 for three.
  • Payment via web site, below.  Submit mp3 and lyric sheet to Mike Franke via email.
  • Only one song from each person will be selected.  If we don’t get enough submissions, that may change.
  • We will have two judges, not affiliated with SVSA, doing the initial selection. Skip Brown and Luke Church are tentatively on tap for this. In the event of a tie or conflict, Mike DeGiorgi will break any logjam.
  • When your songs go to the judges, your name will be removed from lyric sheets, so the judging can remain as anonymous as possible. Writers of the selected songs will be notified upon completion of judging and we’ll have our plan in place for next steps in the recording process. Remember, if your song is selected, you are strongly encouraged to ask other SVSA members to be involved in the recorded performance!

One Entry:

Two Entries:

Three Entries: