Southwest Virginia Songwriters Association (SVSA) – Bylaws

April 28, 2021


This Association is known as: The Southwest Virginia Songwriters Association (SVSA).


SVSA supports the progress of each Member in songwriting and related skills. The organization offers monthly meetings, workshops and performance opportunities with the purpose of encouraging growth and improvement of songwriting craft. SVSA Members support one another by listening to and providing feedback on songs shared with the group. Members exchange expertise and resources, exploring songwriting in a spirit of joy and collaboration.


Membership in SVSA is open to anyone interested in songwriting and related skills. Prospective members may attend two meetings before becoming members by paying yearly dues of $35.00. Membership allows for full participation in meetings, feedback sessions or other SVSA sponsored activities.


4.1. Election. The elective officers of SVSA are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and two At Large Members, collectively known as the Board of Directors (Board).

4.1.1. The nominations and election of Officers are held annually at the November meeting. The Officers elect take office on the following January 1st.

4.1.2. Candidates for office are elected by plurality vote of Members.

4.2. Each Member of the Board has an equal vote in all decisions made by the Board.

4.2.1 The President casts his/her vote only in the case of a tied vote.

4.3 It is the prerogative of the Board to appoint other members to the Board and assign them duties and voting privileges, as in the examples of Webmaster, Assistant Treasurer and Liaison to 3rd St. Coffeehouse.

4.4 Board members attend and participate in Board meetings. Any Board member who misses three meetings per year is subject to removal by the Board.

4.4.1. The Board may appoint a new Board member to take the seat.

4.5 The Board annually determines areas of expenditure and proposes amounts to be spent for each. The Treasurer drafts an Annual Budget that projects costs against revenue to present to the Board for finalization and vote.

4.6 Duties of The President

4.6.1 Serve as Chair of the Board.

4.6.2 Call and facilitate all meetings.

4.6.3 Sign all SVSA official documents.

4.6.4 Appoint all committees.

4.6.5 Act as representative of SVSA.

4.7 Duties of the Vice President Assume the duties of the President in the case of absence, or if the President vacates the Office, until the Board can appoint a new President to fulfill the term.

4.8 Duties of the Secretary

4.8.1 Keep accurate records (including attendance) of all proceedings, correspondence and communications, and report these at each meeting as necessary.

4.8.2 Handle public and press relations.

4.9 Duties of the Treasurer

4.9.1 Prepare an Annual Budget upon advice from the Board.

4.9.2 Collect all dues and other assessments from the members.

4.9.3 Keep accurate records of all financial matters and report quarterly to the Board.

4.9.4 Keep accurate membership records.

4.9.5 Deposit all SVSA funds in the financial institution approved by the Board.

4.9.6 Arrange disbursements for SVSA incurred expenses.

4.10 Duties of the Board of Directors

4.10.1 Fill any Officer vacancies.

4.10.2 Decide on any SVSA matters not specifically covered by these Bylaws.


SVSA’s funds are generated from dues, interest, donations or other means.

5.1 Annual Dues are $35.00 per Member, to be paid by March 1.

5.1.1 For new Members, dues paid on or after October 1 cover membership through December 31 of the following year.

5.1.2 If a member fails to pay Annual Dues by March 1, the member is to be removed from the membership role, email lists including the newsletter, and excluded from attendance at monthly meetings.

5.1.3 Members and returning former members may be reinstated into full participation, privileges and benefits upon payment of Annual Dues.

5.2 All disbursements must be approved by the Board and executed by either the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer or the President.

5.3 SVSA supports the annual “Mickey Nelson Scholarship Award” to a student of the Music Lab program at the Jefferson Center. An SVSA committee selects the winner, judging two songs submitted as the conclusion to a 2nd semester class project and the award is presented at the end of the school year. The amount of the award is $300 per year, plus the cost of a commemorative plaque honoring “The Mickey Nelson Songwriting Student of the Year”. The student is awarded a $50 Gift Certificate to Fret Mill Music and the remainder is contributed to the Music Lab’s general scholarship fund for tuition fees and lessons.


The Board undertakes a yearly review of the SVSA Bylaws, membership and emailing lists and endeavors to maintain its website and social media sites by regularly updating them throughout the year.